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“We see so much more” (Video)

This month, we focused on a critical initiative: our Heroes Tribute Scholarship Program for Children of the Wounded. It’s a one-of-a-kind program that provides scholarship support to every eligible child of wounded, ill, or injured Marines. Last week, we saw the impact of this program firsthand as we welcomed wounded Marines and their families to our annual Chicago Family Day and Dinner for Children of the Severely Injured. It was an inspiring day with a clear highlight: the moment Lance Corporal Joel Klobnak, father of two, took the stage.

LCpl Klobnak shared with us the challenges wounded Marines and their families often face and explained how your support is so much more than just a scholarship check:

“Sometimes these Marines need to be reminded they are not alone. Sometimes these families need to be shown that their feelings are not wrong or unusual … Please know, you might see a piece of paper with the word ‘scholarship’ written on it, but for us, we see so much more.”

We’re honored to invest in families like the Klobnaks who have sacrificed so much for us. To learn more about the Klobnak family and how our Heroes Tribute Scholarship Program has affected their lives, watch the video of LCpl Klobnak’s full remarks here.

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