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Marine Scholar Update: Lindsay’s Story

When Lindsay talks about her dad, a retired Marine Corps Captain, she’s quick to point out his perseverance: “His determination to overcome adversity in his life has made him a stellar dad, and my hero.”

On Sept. 22, 1992, Lindsay’s dad suffered a life-altering accident while on a practice flight in his AV-8B Harrier. He lost his left arm and left leg, and he was unable to fly again.

For Lindsay, that event has become a call to service. She grew up hearing stories about his time in rehabilitation and watching how the medical professionals fitting him for prosthetics gave him his mobility back. Lindsay was inspired to pursue a career in nursing – so she can help people just like her dad.

Your support of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is helping to make Lindsay’s dream a reality. With scholarship support – made possible by supporters like you – she’s pursuing a degree in nursing at Auburn University. She says, “I will be more motivated in the classroom and in doing assignments because I know that I have a foundation of people supporting me and rooting for my success. Without the Marine Corps community my dad would not be who he is, nor would I.”

Your support makes a tremendous difference for young people like Lindsay – raised on Marine Corps values and committed to making our country stronger. On behalf of all of us here at the Scholarship Foundation, thank you for everything you do to support military families.