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The Fidelis Fund

The Fidelis Fund

Join the Fidelis Fund to make a direct impact on our mission-critical annual initiatives.

About The Fidelis Fund

After experiencing a significant spike in scholarship applications in 2020, the Fidelis Fund was established to ensure the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation has the resources required to meet the growing needs of Marine families. Members of the Fidelis Fund are committed to supporting the Scholarship Foundation through unrestricted giving and share our mission to Honor Marines by Educating Their Children. The Fidelis Fund membership program recognizes the generosity and impact of investors who contribute at least $1,000 annually in unrestricted gifts.

Join our loyal community of supporters with an unrestricted gift to the Fidelis Fund that significantly impacts the Scholarship Foundation and future leaders of America. As a Fidelis Fund investor, you will receive exclusive updates, notes from Marine Scholars, and unique opportunities to connect with our community.

Fidelis means “faithful.”

The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation has made a promise to provide scholarships to the children of Marines for generations to come. We can leave no Marine family in-need behind. That’s where your gift to the Fidelis Fund comes in. Nearly 65% of gifts the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation receives are restricted to specific activities, making unrestricted giving the most powerful source of funding for the organization — and Marine families. To ensure the Scholarship Foundation can keep our promise to Marine families, we must be capable of addressing the new challenges our Marine Scholars face and provide those resources effectively and with a sense of urgency. Unrestricted giving makes this possible.

Mission Critical Initiatives

Contributions to the Fidelis Fund support mission-critical initiatives for Marine Scholars:

  1. Annual scholarships are awarded to children of Marines: Unrestricted support ensures we can award a scholarship to every eligible applicant, no matter how many applications we receive. Over $10 million was awarded in scholarships to children of Marines in the 2023-2024 academic year
  2. Unrestricted support allows the Scholarship Foundation to reach EVERY eligible Marine child, expanding our mission across the nation: We estimate there are 20,000 eligible children of Marines nationwide. Our ongoing outreach campaigns aim to cultivate meaningful relationships between Marine communities in critical need and our mission of Honoring Marines by Educating Their Children.
  3. Beyond the scholarship check, each scholarship recipient receives access to personalized care and support services, such as ComPsych, a behavioral health and wellness program, and communication tools designed to help students  become leaders in their communities: Unrestricted support provides a wide range of confidential student services,  at no cost to the recipient.

Unrestricted support provides a wide range of confidential student services, at no cost to the recipient.

Fidelis Fund

Ways to Give

Become a Fidelis Fund member today. Your generous unrestricted investment significantly impacts the Scholarship Foundation and our Marine scholars, extending to our education and support services and ensuring a brighter future for Marines and their children. Annual contributions of $1,000 or more are considered qualifying investments to the Fidelis Fund, including one-time and reoccurring monthly gifts. One-time contributions help meet immediate needs while reoccurring contributions help the Scholarship Foundation plan for the future. Begin your membership journey today by choosing from our available investment opportunities and making a qualifying contribution.

Contributions to the Fidelis Fund may also be mailed directly to:

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
Attn: Fidelis Fund
909 N. Washington Street, Suite 400
Alexandria, VA 22314

Join Now

Interested investors can join the Fidelis Fund at anytime. Your Fidelis Fund membership is determined based on the calendar year and membership is active for 12 months from the initial gift date. To continue receiving Fidelis Fund member updates and benefits, we kindly ask that memberships be renewed annually. Important Information Regarding Fidelis Fund Contributions:

  • 100% of your unrestricted investment reaches the Scholarship Foundation, directly supporting mission-critical programs, operations, and nationwide growth.
  • The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is a privately funded, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and 100% of your donation to the Fidelis Fund is tax deductible.

Do the right thing,
in the right way,
for the right reasons.

MCSF Fidelis

Fidelis Fund FAQs

I made a qualifying contribution to the Fidelis Fund. What’s next?

Welcome to the Fidelis Fund. Following your qualifying contribution to the Fidelis Fund, you will receive a letter of acknowledgment and a tax-deductible gift receipt. In addition, new members will receive a membership package in the mail with more information.

All Fidelis Fund members will receive special offerings throughout the year and exclusive updates on this year’s scholarship recipients.

If you have questions on how your unrestricted gift will have a significant impact on Marines and their families, contact us directly: | +1 703-549-0060.

For all other inquiries, please visit our contact us page.

I’m a returning member. How do I renew my membership?

Renew your contribution online, contact us to renew your Fidelis Fund membership, make changes to your payment details, or update your existing contact information: | +1 571-384-2820.

Staff members are available to answer any questions you have regarding your personal giving history or the impact of your most recent investment. We are available Monday-Friday from 9:00-5:00 Eastern Standard Time.

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of our scholarship recipients graduate or are on track to graduate within six years, compared to 56% nationally.

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of our scholarship recipients graduate with little to no debt. compared to 33% nationally.

Kaylah Glaspie

Kaylah Glaspie

“I am the daughter of Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman Kerrigan Glaspie USN (Ret.). My father served in the United States Navy for over 20 years. When I was little I couldn’t understand why we had to move so much. Now I realize being a military child introduced me to a variety of cultures and helped me develop skills like adaptability, empathy, and communication. I am forever grateful for my scholarship from the MCSF that has significantly eased the financial burden of attending Texas State University. My major is International Studies with a concentration in International Relations. I am heavily involved as a Student Ambassador, member of the International Studies Club, Black Student Alliance, and Arab Culture Club. I volunteer at the local Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank, and Bible School. My military family has inspired me to serve our nation and my goal is to work in the State Department as a U.S. Ambassador.”

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