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A Solemn Reminder

Dear Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Family,

Like you, my heart is heavy with the news that more than a dozen Marines and other servicemembers were killed and wounded in the Kabul attack this week. Our deepest condolences and prayers are with their families during this time.

These challenging weeks have been a solemn reminder of the many sacrifices we ask our Nation’s Marines and servicemembers to make on behalf of us all. While Americans have enjoyed security at home over the last twenty years, the war in Afghanistan has remained a constant presence in the lives of Marines and their families. Now, our Nation asks them to take on an extraordinary challenge once again.

I ask that you keep these brave Marines in your thoughts and prayers as they push on with this important mission. God Bless our Nation and the citizens that serve the same.


General Robert B. Neller USMC (Ret.)
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation