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247 Years of Service

Two hundred and forty-seven years ago, the Marine Corps was formed to defend the freedoms of a new Nation. Today, Americans feel secure in the knowledge that Marines remain the first to fight, an elite force in readiness to protect our country in a complex, changing world. 

Throughout the storied history of the Corps, Marines have continuously distinguished themselves in defense of our country and in our communities. Across the Nation, new recruits are standing up to continue this legacy. Those who answer the call to serve a cause greater than themselves share a dedication to mission focus, resilience, discipline and the “Esprit de Corps”. These brave men and women guarantee the security of their fellow citizens, allowing each of us to pursue the American dream in safety. We are, and will always be, grateful for their sacrifices.

As I reflect on both the history and future of the Corps, I want to thank you for your continued dedication to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. In the past sixty years, we have awarded more than 50,000 scholarships to students raised by parents who instill in them the values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. By investing in these scholars, you express gratitude for their parents’ sacrifices and service while supporting the next generation of leaders committed to building a strong future for our Nation. With your support, we will be there for the children of the Marine Corps’ newest recruits when it is their turn to pursue their academic dreams.  

Thank you for your dedication to our mission of Honoring Marines by Educating Their Children. To our Marine Corps family, Happy 247th Birthday. God Bless our Nation and the citizens that protect the same.


General Robert B. Neller USMC (Ret.), Chairman
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation