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Now I Can (Part I)

This blog post is part of a larger series titled, “Now I can,” in celebration of Dr. Hans -Peter Wild’s, historic $16.5 million dollar gift to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. Inspired by his investment in their education, students across the country shared personal stories of the impact this scholarship has had on their lives. Today, we’re featuring Lindsey Chambers, a freshman at Pittsburg State University from Creighton, Missouri.

“Do what you love and to the best of your abilities.” That’s something my father, a former U.S. Marine, has always instilled in me. My father has always encouraged me to follow my dreams; stand up for what I think is right and run towards my goals, not letting anyone hold me back.

One of my favorite childhood memories is spending time with my Dad and looking through old photographs of him when he was an active duty Marine. Each time I look at the pictures, I am reminded of the countless sacrifices my father and those who fought alongside him have made and continue to make to protect this country. I value my Dad’s service, because the time he spent serving this country has taught me a valuable lesson of being both courageous and confident in everything I do and say.

As a freshman pursuing a degree in Music Education, I have dreams of one day becoming a high school band instructor and maybe a college professor, so I can share the gift of music with the world and inspire other students in the same way my father has inspired me. Because of The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation and support from donors, like Dr. Hans-Peter Wild, I am able to attend Pittsburg State University debt free. Their support has allowed my family to not worry about the financial burden of higher education costs, and instead, has allowed me to focus on my studies. I am proud to say that I have a 4.0 GPA and I’m an active member in the university’s marching band.

If I had the opportunity to tell Dr. Wild one thing, I would let him know that ‘thank you’ doesn’t even begin to describe how grateful I am for his support. Dr. Wild, your generosity and selflessness has changed and is changing the lives of hundreds of students across the country, and it’s because of you that we are able to go to college. You are amazing. Thank you for your Honor, Courage and Commitment.