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Month of the Military Child: In Their Own Words (Part II)

This blog post is part of a larger series for the Month of the Military Child. Today we’re featuring a post written by Benjamin Brooks, a junior at Georgetown University from Houston, Texas.

The values my dad learned in the Marines are still apparent in the way he lives his life. We all know courage and honor are central to the identity of the Marine Corps, but there are more fundamental values that the Corps teaches like determination and protecting your own. Marines stick together, no matter what. These values mold Marines like my dad and have influenced me as a military child.

I learned a lot from watching my dad and the determination with which he approached whatever he set his mind to. His determination meant he always accomplished his goals. Whatever I do, I make sure I have a goal in mind and set out to complete it in a timely fashion. I’ve seen how he protects and cares for his family and that has also carried over to me. With my family and friends, I make sure to protect the people who are important to me. After growing up in as military family, these values have become second-nature for me.

As an international politics major, I have several different career paths that I’m considering. But no matter what career I pursue, I know I will find a way to give back and help other people. I come from a low-income area, where the educational opportunities are limited. I hope to show the people from my neighborhood that they can succeed.

The support of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation has given me more time to study without worrying about finances. A lot of students have to supplement their aid with part-time work, which cuts into their study time. I’m able to focus more on school work because of the time I have freed up. The support of the Marine community and the values that I’ve taken from it have all helped me succeed during my time in college.