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Marine Scholar Spotlight: Briana

Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Gibler emphasized the importance of education to both his daughters. Briana, his oldest daughter, said that while changing schools often was a challenge, it helped her learn to adapt in new environments. Though Gunnery Sergeant Gibler is stationed overseas, the values he instilled in Briana are with her every day.

Now Briana is about to graduate from Michigan State University, where she studies in the Lyman Briggs program, a resident college specifically for math and science majors. She will receive two degrees—one in Neuroscience and one in Psychology. Because of her scholarship, Briana has been able to pursue this challenging course of study without the burden of a job.

Outside of the classroom, Briana has a passion for giving back to her community. For over three years, she has volunteered at Sparrow Hospital, including training new volunteers, and assisting other volunteers with their assignments. She is also a member of Spartans Rebuilding Michigan, a student run club that connects students with volunteer opportunities across the Lansing community. Briana said, “it is important to donate your time if you are able to in order to make someone else’s day better and overall improve someone’s life.”

After graduation, Briana intends to go onto medical school and become either a gynecologist or a dermatologist. Through volunteering at the hospital, she has been able to speak with doctors and nurses in various departments, learning more about different medical fields. Her time volunteering in the mother and baby unit reaffirmed her interest in potentially pursuing a career as a gynecologist.

Like her father, Briana feels called to a life of service to others. Her commitment to volunteering, even while taking a demanding class load, shows her dedication to her community. Briana puts it best when she says, “volunteering has reaffirmed my desire to become a doctor and help people. Every day I go into the hospital, I am around people and patients that are happy they are receiving quality care and that warms my heart.”

Briana will carry the values of Honor, Courage and Commitment with her as she continues her educational journey. Receiving her scholarship throughout her entire collegiate career helped Briana attend school “with less stress on my mind, allowing me to fully immerse myself in my studies.” Now, Briana will graduate this month, ready to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.

Listen to Briana and Gunnery Sergeant Gibler discuss the impact of Briana’s scholarship below:

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