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Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Receives Donation for Brighter Future

FORT GEORGE G. Meade, Md. — The 2013-2014 college school year had price tags ranging from $8,000 to more than $30,000.The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation received a $1.25 million dollar donation from PwC Charitable Foundation on Jan. 14, 2015.

The donation will help mitigate the cost of higher education for the children of Marines and Navy corpsman.“We really hope it will help support them, so they know people out there respect the sacrifices of their parents, as well as, give them an opportunity to go to colleges,” Shannon Schuyler, the President of PwC Charitable Foundation, said. “We hope they can take the skills of their parents and the skills of a further education to really turn around and make a difference in the world and prosper.”

The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation has been providing scholarships to children of Marines and Navy Corpsman since 1962. The Scholarship Foundation has offered more than 33,000 scholarships valued at nearly $90 million.
“They are not just an organization that gives money, but they invest in how well you do and they help you connect with other students,” Isaiah Leiva, a scholarship recipient, said. “They even offer the opportunity to talk to the donors.

“They are not just giving us money, but helping us create relationships.”
Leiva, son of Sgt. Maj. Lewis Leiva, will be studying philosophy with a minor in Christian studies and naval science without some of the financial issues many American college students endure.

“I would definitely have to take out loans and that would add stress after I graduate, so now I can just focus on my education,” Leiva said. “They have provided my family and I with more than just financial support.”
Last year, the Scholarship Foundation offered more than $6.6 million in scholarships and they are expecting to raise even more money in 2015 to meet the rising needs of students.

“It is a huge investment in the future of this country,” Margaret B. Davis, the President of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, said. “The sons and daughters of the Marines and corpsman, who receive our scholarships are coming out and doing great things for America.”