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Lights, Camera, Success

At the Marine Corps Scholarship foundation we look beyond the classroom and exhaust every opportunity to positively impact the lives of our students. With soaring student debt and a challenging job market ahead – the steps we take now to support our scholar’s career journeys can make all the difference. In this post, Foundation Scholar, Amanda Beckett details the lessons she learned on a recent trip to the set of NBC’s the Blacklist. Amanda’s story is just one example of the impact the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is having on the dreams of our Marine kids. No matter the field, the honor, courage, and commitment they bring to their diverse career paths strengthen the character of our nation.

Being able to visit the set of The Blacklist was an exciting experience for me. As a theatre student wanting to transition into film and television this was a great way to get to see and experience the difference in the forms of art. Theatre and film/television are very different mediums and a lot goes on in film/television that many people do not realize. It takes a lot of time and work to capture scenes that sometimes appear minimally or if at all in the final edit. The process of filming can be seen as a paradox; tedious in the sense of repetitiveness but fast paced because there is constant change happening whether it is from the camera angles in a room or moving on to a new scene.

During my time on set I actually got to sit with Executive Producer/Director, Michael Watkins, and watch him direct as well as watch everyone on the production team fulfill their roles. I observed as he utilized his leadership skills and worked through scenes orderly and efficiently. By being coordinated and having a good team, the day went by smoothly. The whole experience has shown me that I do want to complete my transition into the film and television world.

My experience would not have been possible if it were not for the MSCF and Day Scholars Program. I am beyond grateful and honored to be a recipient of the program. I appreciate everything that the Foundation, Day Scholars Program, and Mr. Watkins have done for me, because of them I have learned lessons that will only help me move forward in life and in my career. Thank you all!