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Leveling the Playing Field

It has been 10 years since our dear George’s passing. As some of you may know, I created the George Anthony Kresovich Memorial Scholarship in 2013 at the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation to honor George and his powerful intellect, great soul, sweet temper, and infectious grin. This Scholarship also serves to honor George’s commitment to education and his dedication to the Marine Corps.

George and I have always been deeply committed to providing educational opportunities to others. As kids from “the South side of town” we wanted to give back and level the playing field for those without the financial means to access the educational opportunities they desired. Together, we started a high school mentoring program in Seattle in 1986 that is still operating today.

Each year I receive a thoughtful, deeply appreciative letter from one of the Marine Scholars as result of George’s Memorial Scholarship. Each time, these letters always move me to tears and make me so very proud to be a member of the Marine Corps Family and to continue to express George’s commitment, Semper Fidelis, to his Marine Corps Family. I know that these children, raised on Honor, Courage, and Commitment will bring those qualities to bare in whatever they choose to do for the world.

As we remember George and his amazing life and legacy on the 10th anniversary of his passing, please consider making a donation to support his memorial scholarship to help Honor Marines By Educating Their Children. Your donation will go towards directly supporting the George Anthony Kresovich Memorial Scholarship, which will allow the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation to honor George’s commitment to “leveling the playing field” for access to education to his fellow Marines and their families.

For those that wish to donate to support George’s scholarship via check, please make your donation payable to The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation and include a note saying your donation should be applied to the George Anthony Kresovich Memorial Scholarship. Please send your generous donation to The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, 909 N. Washington Street, Suite 400, Alexandria, VA 22314. Of course, you can also make your donation online via the link here.

Thank you to all of that have contributed in the past as well as those that continue to help me keep George’s memory alive. To date, we have provided 18 life changing scholarships to 9 deserving sons and daughter of Maines and Navy Corps through your support.

In Spirit of Semper Fidelis,