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Give Me Five: Tips for Success

This past summer, 200 of our scholarship recipients from around the country gathered at three Scholarship Announcement Ceremonies. Before each ceremony, many of the students attended a Leadership Day where they learned about each other, Marine Corps values, and what it takes to be a leader.

The Top Five Tips for Success was a highlight of the day as professionals from various fields shared their wisdom with the students. The following are the most common pieces of advice received from the 13 professionals who participated in the events in Washington, D.C., Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, and Camp Pendleton, California.

  1. Network: Many of our speakers emphasized “network, network, network!” By making meaningful connections, one can learn from others and establish a reason for people to remember you.
  2. Work Hard: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a career. The Leadership Panel encouraged students to, “work hard and stay resilient”. In order to build something of substance – a company, a sale, a cause – one must work hard and take opportunities when they present themselves.
  3. Integrity: Our speakers all said that how you do your work matters. Never think that any task is beneath you, never try to take a shortcut, and do everything with honor and pride.
  4. Engage with others: Being appreciative and kind to others makes more of an impact than you may realize.
  5. Listen: Listening to others helps you complete all of the above tips. Hearing what people have to say allows you to learn about your field, people, and yourself.

Success has a different definition for everyone, and is a combination of ingredients, but these tips can help you to achieve your goals.