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In Loving Memory

SgtMaj Harold A. Dulude, USMC (Ret.), a veteran and a dedicated supporter of the Scholarship Foundation, spoke to us about his deep history with the organization.

Growing up in a lower-middle-class family, there wasn’t extra money to pay for higher education. As he was of age during the Vietnam War, Harold knew that he might be selected for the draft regardless. He decided to enter the service as his own decision. Motivated by education, he also knew that he could utilize the GI Bill to pursue higher education after his tour of active duty was over.

“Little did I realize I would stay in the Corps for 30 years before I would fulfill my dream of higher education where I would receive my Bachelor’s, Master’s, and teaching credential at age 55,” he said.

As a dedicated servicemember and someone who treasures the value of education, SgtMaj Dulude got involved with the MCSF starting in 1963, where he attended one of the first banquets held.

Our Marine Scholars made a lasting impression on him, “Over the years, I have seen the quality of students that are the recipients of this program, and I am a proud and dedicated investor. It took many years before I could afford a constant stream of funds to help this program, but I have achieved that, and I will continue to donate on a monthly basis for many years to come because I have designated that this support will continue through my trust document.”

Sergeant Major Harold A. Dulude, USMC (Ret.), exemplified unwavering dedication to Marine families and passionate advocacy for higher education among the children of servicemembers. For nearly a decade, he played a pivotal role as a valued investor at the Scholarship Foundation. Inspired by the remarkable character and integrity displayed by Marine Scholars in their relentless pursuit of academic goals, he became a Fidelis Fund member when the fund was established in 2020.

Our Fidelis Fund investors are a loyal community of supporters who contribute at least $1,000 annually. If you would like to learn more about how you can join this program, visit this page or contact for more information.