The Moments That Make Us One

by Lieutenant General George J. Trautman III USMC (Ret.), Chairman, Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

On this Memorial Day, amid lives of ceaseless motion, Americans everywhere will find the rarest of things: A moment.

A moment of pause, of reflection, of remembrance. Wherever we find them, however we spend them, it is within these moments – in which a Nation of many, honors the sacrifices of the few – that we become one.

Today each of us will enjoy the gift of freedom, preserved for us by men and women whose courage to serve presented them with defining moments of their own. Those heroes, whose sacrifice we memorialize today, laid down their lives, not to uphold one moment, but one nation.

That’s why, at the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation we keep faith with our military families each and every day. No matter when or where a Marine serves, we’re committed to honoring every moment of that service through the promise of an education for their children.

On behalf of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, our board of directors, staff, scholars, and Marine families everywhere, I wish you all a Memorial Day full of the moments that make us one.

Semper Fidelis,

Lieutenant General George J. Trautman II USMC (Ret.)