We’ve compiled a list of useful resources that may help as you pursue your post-high school education. We’re one of many organizations committed to educating the next generation of America’s leaders.

Has COVID-19 affected your financial situation?

The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many of our applicants’ financial situations. The recently passed Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF III) provides emergency funding to higher institutions so that they can provide additional financial aid to students. If COVID-19 has been the cause of a job loss, salary reduction or other financial hardship for your family, you may wish to appeal to your college’s financial aid office to ask for an increase in aid. If you have not received financial aid in the past, you can still appeal to your school’s financial aid office for financial assistance. For a step-by-step guide with tips and recommendations on how to appeal, see this helpful tip sheet and this Forbes article. Please note, the Scholarship Foundation cannot assist you with this process. Instead, you will need to work with your school’s financial aid office directly.

Which Program is Right for You

The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation would like to ensure that you succeed in achieving your higher education goals.  We encourage you to research all types of academic institutions before choosing the school you will attend. is committed to helping improve outcomes and performance among higher education institutions.  You may find this website helpful when comparing schools.

School and Program Specific Opportunities

The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation has partnerships with several schools and programs. If a Marine Scholar is attending the following schools or participating in the following programs, inquire with the contact list below or the school’s Financial Aid Office for additional scholarship and funding opportunities. (These programs are not managed or overseen by the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.)