The Nation’s oldest and largest provider of need-based scholarships to military children.

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ABC7 salutes 3 sisters awarded scholarships through Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

Marines are considered the tip of the spear of the United States Military, often the first to go into any conflict.

Most have moved their families many times. Many have been on multiple deployments and still, others have been wounded or even killed in the ongoing war.

The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation over the years has made sure the children of Marines get a college education. Often times at no cost to the student or his family.

“We awarded 2,750 Scholarships for this next academic year worth $8.5 million,” said retired Marine Lt. Gen. Robert Ruark. Ruark now serves as the Foundation’s C.E.O.

19-year-old Christina Longmire is attending U.S.C. studying to be a doctor.

“It helped out a lot because U.S.C. is a private school and it’s really expensive and I think it’s helpful to my parents because putting one child through college is tough and putting all three is really difficult,” Longmire said.
Alicia is 23 and graduating from Bethany Global University where she has been studying Theology.

“It’s helped me so much last year I didn’t have to pay a dime because of scholarships like these. I would say apply and it reminds you of the sacrifices of your parents and it makes you so grateful.”

22-year-old Desiree is a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University working to become a physician’s assistant.
All three plan to carry on in their parents’ footsteps in a career that includes serving others.

General Ruark says these three sisters are prime examples of the caliber of scholarship recipients they reward.“I tell you, these students are the real reason we do this, of course, their moms and dads, but this family of students is incredible because they are all going into lives of service.”