The Nation’s oldest and largest provider of need-based scholarships to military children.


55 Years of Impact

Earlier this month, we marked our 55th anniversary at our Leatherneck Ball in New York City, where in 1962 our mission began with one Marine child in need. After learning that a World War II Medal of Honor recipient couldn’t afford to send his child to college, a small group of service-minded Marines took action.

They organized the Leatherneck Ball and raised enough money for a single scholarship award. Today the mission that grew out of that gathering in 1962 extends from coast to coast, and impacts the lives of more Marines and their families than at any time in our 55-year history!

With more than 37,000 scholarships and $110 million in scholarship support for the children of Marines over the last half-century, we’re celebrating the vision of our founders, who knew the best way to honor Marines was by educating their children. Join us as we celebrate 55 years of investment in America’s future by thanking the Marines, their families, donors and supporters who make this mission possible every day.

Click here to help us celebrate 55 years of supporting Marine families by signing the card and thanking Marines for all that they do!

True to our beginnings in 1962, we’re still working to ensure the sacrifices Marines and Navy Corpsmen make every day don’t go unnoticed. No matter when or where they serve, we’re always committed to honoring that service by being there for their family whenever they have a son or daughter in need. It’s a promise we have kept for 55 years, and with your support, it is one we can keep fulfilling for decades to come.

Thank you for standing with us – and with Marines – on our anniversary.

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