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West Coast Campaign


West Coast Campaign - Celebratory Gala Committees



Honorary Campaign Chair

Ambassador George A. Argyros


Campaign Chairs

Dennis Haysbert

Trevor Hoffman


Campaign Vice Chairs

Richard Bertea
Donald Esmond
Michael K. Hayde
Cary Hyden
Geoffrey L. Stack
William H. Swanson
Governor Pete Wilson


Executive Committee

Christian Dubia, Jr.



Richard Bertea
Aaron Cohen
Patrick Coulter
Kevin Donohue

Donald Esmond
Michael Hall

Michael Holwick
Clint Hubbard
Lynn Saracino

Timothy J. Sloat
Geoffrey L. Stack
Kevin Takabayashi


Military Committee

Lieutenant Colonel Lynn Saracino, USMC (Ret)

G. Cal Hutchinson, Esq.

Chairman Emeritus

Carmello A Buscemi
Col Vince Codispoti, USMC
Major Patrick Coulter, USMC (Ret)
Paul J. Himler
James McClain
David L. Mellon
Lieutenant Colonel Darius Novickis, USMCR
Colonel Tom O’Malley, USMC (Ret)
Timothy J. Sloat

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Neither the United States Marine Corps nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed or authorized this activity. No Federal or United State Marine Corps endorsement intended.

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