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Former Commandants of the

Marine Corps

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General Alfred M. Gray

29th Commandant 

Ms. Linda Hudson

COO, President and CEO, BAE Systems Inc.

General Michael W. Hagee
33rd Commandant

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Jones

Founder, Humana 

General James L. Jones, Jr.

32nd Commandant

Mr. Nigel W. Jones

Partner, TWJ Capital 

General Paul X. Kelley
28th Commandant

Mr. Donald A. King, Jr.
Former Vice Chairman, Deutsche Asset Management

General Charles C. Krulak
31st Commandant

Mr. James D. King
Principal, Five Crowns Capital, LLC

General Carl E. Mundy, Jr.
30th Commandant

Mr. Jim Lehrer
Anchor and Executive Editor
, McNeil/Lehrer Productions

Mr. Robert F. Agostinelli

Co-Founder and

Senior Managing Director, Rhône Group, LLC

Mr. Richard B. Lieb
Director, SEI Corporation

Mr. James F. Albaugh
President and CEO Commercial Airlines 

The Boeing Company

Mr. Benjamin F. Lucas, II

Treasurer and Trustee, The Middendorf Foundation, Inc.

Ambassador George L. Argyros
Chairman and CEO, Arnel & Affiliates
Former Ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain and Principality of Andorra

John C. Manly, Esq. 

Principal, Manly & Stewart

Mr. Gary J. Beban
Senior Executive Managing Director Global Corporate Services , CB Richard Ellis

Mr. Daniel McCaffery
Founder and President, McCaffery Interests

Mr. Robert K. and Mrs. Mary S. Brooks 

Executive Vice President, ACS Technology Solutions

Senator John McCain
United States Senator (R-Arizona)

Mr. Jack H. Brown

Chairman and CEO, Stater Bros. Market

Mr. David J. McIntyre, Jr.

President and CEO, TriWest Healthcare Alliance

Mr. Robert N. Burt
Former Chairman and CEO, FMC Corporation

Mr. Edward D. Miller

Former President and CEO, AXA Financial, Inc.

Mr. Eric Candelori 

Vice President, Merrill Lynch & Co, Inc.

Mr. Robert S. Morrison
Former Vice Chairman, PepsiCo

Former President and CEO, The Quaker Oats Company

Mr. Richard J. Carbone
Chief Financial Officer, Prudential Financial

General William L. “Spider” Nyland USMC (Ret)
Former Assistant Commandant

Former Chairman, Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
Board of Directors

Ms. Deborah G. Carstens


Lance O’Connor

Executive Producer, Aéro Film

Mr. Craig Chamberlin

President and CEO, Marine Federal Credit Union

Lieutenant General Jeffrey W. Oster USMC (Ret)
Chairman Emeritus, Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors

Mr. John D. Craig
Chairman, President, and CEO, Enersys, Inc.
Mr. Robert L. Parkinson, Jr.

President and CEO, Baxter International Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Davenport
Davenport Family Foundation
Mr. James N. Pritzker
CEO, Tawani Enterprises, Inc.

Major General Andrew B. Davis USMC (Ret)

President, American Press Institute

Mr. Sol A. Raso
Managing Director, Stockbridge Real Estate Funds

Mrs. Margaret B. Davis

President and CEO

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Burton “Skip” Sack

Sack Family Foundation

Mr. James M. Denny
Former Vice Chairman, Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Mr. Clarence Schawk and Mrs. Marilyn G. Schawk
Chairman and President, Schawk Global

Mr. Joseph Driscoll

CEO, Lansmont Corporation

Mr. William J. Schoen
Chairman of the Board

Health Management Associates, Inc.

Mr. Donald D. Drobny

Co-Founder, Perot Systems Corporation

Mr. Charles C. Scianna
President, Sim-Tex, L.P.

Mr. David L. Dunkel
Chairman and CEO, Kforce Professional Staffing

Mr. Tom W. Selleck
Actor, Producer, Screenwriter

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Eckert

CEO, Eastern Insurance Holdings, Inc.
Mr. Frederick W. Smith
Chairman of the Board and CEO, FedEx Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ettore
Chief Services Officer, Kforce Professional Staffing

Mr. Manning J. Smith III and Mrs. Virginia Rowan Smith

Secretary-Treasurer and Vice President

Henry M. Rowan Family Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Adam Firestone
President, Firestone Vineyard

Mr. Geoffrey L. Stack
Managing Director, SARES-REGIS Group

Mr. John Glover

President, Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. Stephen M. Steppe

Executive Managing Director

Stockbridge Real Estate Funds

Mr. Benjamin “Bud” Greene
Former Partner and President

Dearborn Wire and Cable

Mr. Robert J. Stevens
Chairman, President and CEO

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Mr. Martin P. Griffin

Vice President, Meany & Oliver

Mr. William H. Swanson

Chairman of the Board and CEO, Raytheon Company

Mr. Lee T. Hanley
Chairman and CEO, Vestar Development Company

Mrs. Frances K. Taussig
Co-Founder and President, The Taussig Foundation

Mr. Richard C. Hartnack

Vice Chairman, Consumer Banking, U.S. Bancorp

Mr. Fred A. Thomas
Chairman and Founder, Pinch-A-Penny Pool-Patio-Spa
Mr. Walter P. Havenstein
Mr. Ronald A. Tyrpin

Vice President, Wayne Hummer Wealth Management

Mr. Michael K. Hayde

CEO, Western National Group

Mr. Jon Voight
Actor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Mr. David D. Hiller

President and CEO, McCormick Foundation

Senator John W. Warner, Jr.
Retired United States Senator (R-Virginia)


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