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Not All Heroes Serve in Uniform

The Arizona Republic 2009.11.10

For some, Veterans Day is just a day off. But for many Americans, it is so much more - a day to reflect and cherish the heroism of those who have given so much for this country.

There is no shortage of opinion about war and conflict, but no one can deny that generations of men and women have answered their nation's call while enduring extended separation from families, grave danger and grueling conditions to protect us.

Not all heroes serve in uniform. The thousands of military families waiting on the home front have also shared great sacrifice. The wives, husbands and children of the armed forces serve their own "tours of duty" and should be recognized for their contributions to this nation.

For those who want to do more on this day, the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, for example, honors Marines by educating their children through college scholarships. This much-needed assistance allows these families to consider otherwise unattainable higher education for their sons and daughters.

In 2009 alone, the organization provided a record-setting 1,405 students a total of $3.5 million; 26 of those students attend school here in Arizona. I encourage you to look for ways to provide meaningful support for our veterans and military community. To those who serve, we will not forget you or your legacy. To learn more about the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, visit or call 1-866-IWO-JIMA (496-5462).

- Rick Romley, Scottsdale

The writer is a former Maricopa County attorney and veteran.





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