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The Wedding of Erik and Kathryn


Erik and Kathryn invite you to make donations to the Major Doug Zembiec and Major Ray Mendoza Scholarship in honor of Kathryn’s father, James H. Mooney, in celebration of their wedding.

Thank you for considering a donation to The Major Doug Zembiec and Major Ray Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Fund in memory of Kathryn’s father Jim.  As we celebrate our marriage, we are grateful for the opportunity to support others and to honor our loved ones who are no longer with us.  

Jim Mooney doted over Kathryn, his youngest, even coming out of retirement to edit an endless stream of school papers, resumes, and newsletters.  Jim told everyone he saw great potential in his daughter, and went out of his way to support her growth and celebrate her accomplishments.  He said she wasn’t allowed to get married until she had her PhD, so we’re hoping he’s satisfied with a Masters.  He inspired others by example through his compassion, cheerful outlook, and passion for life-long learning.  While serving in the U.S. Army, he deployed to Newfoundland during the Korean War to support operations. The grand coastline and Northern Lights never displaced the difficult night watches from outside his tent.  He loved his country but kept his commitment to never go camping again.  He is greatly missed.

Major Ray Mendoza was Erik’s Company Commander during his time with Echo Company, 2nd Battalion 1st Marine Corps Regiment.  Ray was leading Echo Company in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq when he gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Ray was a truly inspirational person whose memory lives on in those of use that knew him and through charitable foundations such as this.  Major Doug Zembiec was the Company Commander of Echo Company 2/1 previous to Ray, who also gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedom while serving in Iraq.

The fund provides scholarships for post-high school education to deserving sons and daughters of Marines with particular attention given to children whose parent has been killed or wounded in action.

For online donations, please use this website, which is designed to collect donations on behalf of our wedding.  If you donate directly through either of the foundations websites, please indicate in the additional information section that it is on behalf of the “Sallee/Mooney Wedding” in order for it to be directed appropriately. After donation you will receive an email confirmation, which will also serve as a receipt for tax purposes.  

If you would prefer to donate by check, you may either bring your contribution to the wedding or mail it directly to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation at 909 N. Washington St. Suite #400, Alexandria, VA 22314.  Checks should be made out to the “Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation,” with a note in the memo that indicates it is in conjunction with the “Sallee/Mooney Wedding.”  If you choose to donate by check you will receive a receipt via regular mail, which will also serve as documentation for tax purposes.   

For more information regarding the Major Doug Zembiec and Major Ray Mendoza Scholarship Fund please visit the website at:
For more information about the parent Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation please visit their website at:

Thank you for your generosity to this worthy cause and for your love and support as we start our lives together.

Erik & Kathryn

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